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[Solved] Export vox layers to Zbrush as subtools ?


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Hello people,

I'm a long time Zbrush user and new to 3D Coat. I havent created anything spectacular yet but I'm trying to and thats why I purchased 3d coat. It is a breeze to experiment with hard surface ideas in it and I'm having alot of fun.

My noob question is: How do I export my 3D Coat vox layers as subtools to Zbrush. 

I searched a bit and it seems like people usually are exporting from zbrush, not the other way around. 

I am way more comfortable with Zbrushes brushes and all so once I get the main idea and shapes here I would like to export to zbrush and tweak further, and then maybe will come back for retopo.

I tried once merging the layers and exporting but no success. I had the object but not the subtools.

Can you please show me where to look and/or what to do?

Cheers and thanks,

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