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best way to provide feedback/feature requests/bugs?


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Greetings 3dc community!

I've been using the software for about a year and love it for what it can do.  But what would be the best platform to voice those kind of issues in the thread title?  I know there is a sub-forum for feature requests, and also Mantis and Trello, but I saw some longstanding bugs and requests dating back years.  Just curious if one platform is more visible to the developers than others :)

Insights appreciated!

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Hi, and welcome. :)

The best way for bugs is definitely Mantis, unless it's urgent, in which case email support is best (support AT 3dcoat DOT com). For FRs, Trello is good, but so is Mantis. I would lean more toward Mantis, personally. It's a lot easier to track and date things on there.

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