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Out of Memory?!

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I'm working on something that needed an 8k texture but it was too much for my machine to handle. 3D Coat just locked up my whole system trying that.

So I tried to use 4 x 4k textures, but it's still too much for it. 3D Coat is using so much memory it pretty much crashes all other running programs, including my tablet drivers.

I am running on a GeForce 960m with 3G of DDR 5. I have 12gb of RAM.

My question is how much VRam do I need to make this work? I can just about afford a new machine with a GTX 1060 with 6gb of DDR 5.

Will this be enough?

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That's pretty strange. I'm running a geforce GTX 760 w/ 4GB of VRAM and 16GB of RAM, I would imagine you would be in a better situation than I am. I recently textured something with a bunch of 4K textures, and it did pretty well. It slowed down now and was slow to load the file, but once it did that, it worked alright. How large is your 3B file? Is it something you can shared, maybe I can try to load it into 3DC.

Also, which version of 3DC are you using?

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I'm using version 4.7.06 of 3DCoat right now.

The file is 472,000k.

I stripped out all the high res model, so it's just the paint pieces and retopo left. That's what make me think it's the textures that are killing me.

You do have 1 more gig of vram than me and maybe that's making all the difference.

Anyone else run into memory issues with 3gb of vram?

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You can monitor VRAM usage with a hardware monitoring software, like OpenHardwareMonitor or GPU-Z. If the VRAM is getting 100% full, and then you get your error, you either need to swap your card for one with a larger VRAM, or reduce resolution / layer count (if you are in fact Voxel sculpting)

3DC has upped the amount of channels it has per layer per scene. It really ups the amount of RAM you need.

If your system is getting close to hitting your RAM limit, it will bog down and take excessively long calculation times, because your OS is moving a lot of that RAM to your Pagefile and waiting until it's cleared the necessary space.

Have you tried using the openGL version ?

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