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Hey y'all,

first of all merry xmas and happy new year!

I am new here since I just started with 3D Coat. The funny thing is my company saw me doing their products in 3D Coat and they are buying licenses and computers now.

For my personal use my 7 year old pc made it okay with small amounts of polys, but I need to go realistic, high poly and render stuff out in external renderers too.

I did a small couch which was really hard with going highh in detail and my pc was reallyyyyyy slow. I want to go fast and high in everything now o.o

I searched quite a lot but most of them time there are older threads or talking about what is okay.

But I would like to know what's a must in specs for working professional now.

Can somebody tell me what 3D coat is using and how important stuff like Cuda Units and Vram and stuff like processor power and and and is?

I am so confused by all that graphic cards and things they have these days, liek these cuda stuff :D

Perhaps what would be good for other renderers too? This would be so awesome, if there is a possibility I would by cookies for everyone who is having some advice for me and my company :)

Thank you very much for every answer and have a nice day!


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On 12/22/2016 at 1:13 PM, lutoluto said:

Anything to keep in mind when it comes to processor and ram? or just "the new ones with power"?

Thank you very much for helping out!!

The more RAM, the better. I have 12 GB and I often run into lag with complex models.

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