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Prices slashed on my Udemy tutorials

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Hi everyone.  

I have 3 video series on Udemy.com.  
All at half price thru end of January.

They have about 950 total students and out of 80 reviews
I have an average 4.5 out of 5 stars.  I'm quite proud of that rating.

I taught Coat for the last 4 or so in my classes at an art school where I direct the animation program.
I love this program - the biggest secret in 3D lol.

Here are the links and coupon codes if you're interested.  


Coupon Code: SCULPT2017

Coupon Code: RETOPO2017

Coupon Code: HARD2017







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Hey blade33ru I took your courses last week and very much enjoyed them.  I liked your casual approach to a complex subject and your enthusiasm for the product!

I look forward to taking more.


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