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Export to Toolbag issue


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I'm having a problem exporting this mesh to toolbag.

Here's what it looks like in 3D Coat (and the wireframe).




And here's what it looks like as imported with the Marmoset Export options (metalness):


Obviously the smoothing is screwed up somehow. Do I need to export some sort of OTHER map-- a displacement map? What's the best way to do this? Thanks!

Here's a link to the 3b file:




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Thanks a whole lot! Very helpful. I was able to successfully complete this workflow with your advice and some other advice over on the Polycount Marmoset forum.

Thanks so much! I was able to finally get this to work with some extra help from the 3D Coat forum and your input here.

For those interested, here's the workflow:

1. Export from 3D Coat with the following settings. Note the EXPORT CONSTRUCTOR and Marmoset Blinn (or GGX) Export Preset



Then in Toolbag:
Note Tangent Space for object = 3D Studio Max (on the left) and on the right Normal Map with Scale and Bias ON and Object Space OFF. Hook up Normal Map, Gloss Map, Albedo Map and Metalness (not Specular) map. Set Reflection to GGX or Blinn based on which you used when exporting from 3D Coat. You may need to right-click and view image in new tab to see the settings below.



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