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[Solved] My texture gets distorted outside of 3dcoat ? Help


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Hi Everybody,

so I am painting a texture in 3d coat and am happy with it.
Then I export to Pepakura and everytime certain parts are distorted.

Do I need to make the UV map symmetric? If yes I have no clue how to do that and i think its unnecessary extra steps.
I attached screenshots to show.

Any ideas?


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If your printing check your paper settings so that its not set to fit page
Pepa uses European paper sizes (A4) and if your printing on Letter size there may be some distortion in the print
losing dimensions in pepakura?-capture.jpg
Try rotating the cube 90` and see if the distortion is still there
losing dimensions in pepakura?-capture.jpg2.jpg

Just a thought hope it helps
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thanks for responding.
That is not the issue. I do not print.
I export the texture to another software - so it is a digital workflow.
The mouth is just distorted. but I painted it with front view on an almost flat surface.
My question is if the UV map I created is ok?
It is not symmetrical. Could this be the problem?

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