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Consistent crashes please help.


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I've been slowly working my way through surface painting, figuring its ins and outs, and I've hit a bit of a snag.

I'm trying to use the vertex lasso to make some raised metal plates, but each time I try to finish a section, 3D coat crashes.


Clicking at this point has shown a 99% crash rate, if I go back to a previous save before I started making the raised sections, It crashes when trying to make any of the previous sections shown in this screenshot.

I think the problem might be linked to memory usage, the texture I'm using here is rather large (8192x8192) Is there any way to increase available resources for 3D coat? Or a way to lower its resource usage temporarily? Like perhaps tell it to stop rendering in PBR so it has more available to edit with?

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3 minutes ago, Carlosan said:

Is not, which are your specs ?


And an Nvidia 970 for graphics.

I notice your render window is very low-quality, not including any of the PBR rendering features, mine is rendering them in real time, is there any way to switch to your viewing mode? It would likely save a lot of resources.

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i just hide all the other layers pressing Alt+LMB over the layer i need to work.

Your project need 8K for this model, but have lot of layers, to begin merging some could help.

Currently this project use 12GB RAM. Your 16GB system is at limit if you have any other app open at same time..

Every layer at 8192x8192 x 4 x 2 = 536 870 912 bytes

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