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[Solved] [Paint Room] layer groups problem 3D Coat <-> Photoshop

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I'm painting in 3D Coat and i have everything organized inside groups, whenever I send to photoshop and saved there, the groups get messed up.
Already tried everything, I have removed all the groups and created new ones, already changed the name of each layer (with and without "_" ) and each group, this always happens.
There is no space in the names, everything works normal until i save in photoshop and return to 3D Coat.  The bottom group is added to the top group creating a ladder of groups, one inside the other.
I already exported all layers as .psd, opened in photoshop, saved and reimportei in a new file in 3D Coat and the same happens :(

How can I fix this problem? 


Even if i put all groups inside a main group holding all groups this happens after i save in photoshop


Also tried with 3D Coat  4.7.23 64-bit.   Same problem

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A very painful bug. I've experienced this too. In the meantime, I have not used layer groups and recommend to avoid this bug, you do the same. 

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4.7.24 [stable]

- Textures->Calculate cavity got important update. Now you may mix loacl cavity (usual) and long-range smoothed cavity (sampling based). It allows to get much better quality for PBR usage because many things depend on cavity quality.

- Transform tool in paint room got "Scale around center" option.

- Connector with PS works correctly with layers folders.

- Tweak room's selection now visible (there was longstanding problem).

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