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Using one texture for stencil and painting

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As it is not possible to sculpt (using a stencil) and projection-paint (using the same texture as for the stencil) at a time I am wondering if there is good way to match a sculpting with stencil and later project painting with a colored version of the stencil.

Any good workflow for this or is it just a matter of aligning (positioning) the sculpted model as good as possible with the bitmap for painting?



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Hi, and welcome!

There is a way to get close, but only to doing part of what you want. First you can set a camera shortcut, this will always bring the camera to the world space/transforms. It can be done from the "Camera" button on the top right of the 3D viewport, add a camera "shortcut" to your scene.

That's half way there, the next half, you'll probably need to eyeball the placement/scale of the stencil. I think you could get pretty close by using the 2D grid (under View>Show 2D Grid, and matching some key landmark on your stencil and material to the same spot on the 2D grid.


I know it's not ideal, but should get you part the way there.

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