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Creating for Second Life - question about texture output

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Hi all,

I create items for Second Life which is not properly PBR so it is necessary to try to get the difuse layer to contain 90% of all the information on the texture - including rendered height/normal and specular.  SL uses normals and specular but one cannot assume that all users have the ability to see the "advanced lighting" in sl that renders those details.  For this reason it is important to get as much detail on the difuse as possible so that the item looks good for ALL users and not just those with screaming hot video cards.  I am currently using Substance Painter with the baked light filter.  Sadly that only works well for smooth objects where there is not height/spec in the texture.  A pebbly leather or rubber for example just looks like a flat blah once it is in SL - even with the normal/spec maps applied.  So all that detail out of the way, my question is this:  

Can 3d coat render out a difuse layer with rendered height details and specular right there on the difuse all in one process?

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I would love to know that as well!

Only thing I have managed to do is the following workflow...

1. Export PBR maps from 3D Coat and import them to Blender.

2. Then, in Blender, using a custom PBR shader, you can bake the "Combined" pass which bakes all the lighting information into single diffuse texture.

It works quite well, because in Blender, you can create a scene with spot lights or use your own HDRI. But it's so time consuming workflow. I wish 3D Coat could bake such "Combined" pass itself when it has so many baking options.

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