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Unwrap doesn't do anything!


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Hello, I am a Maya user recently learning 3DCoat, and this is my least -but surely not last- newbie question:

I am following this tutorial series, pretty good: 

I am making a simplified version of the hammer, without the cord and the ring. Anyway, I have already done my retopo, everything working fine there, until I want to make my UVs. The problem is, I can't create UVs at all, I have 2 circular island automaticaly created from the sphere object used to retopo my gem at the bottom, and I can delete those, but I can not make any other UVs. I am supposed to hit "unwrap"... I have tried selecting every layer, selecting the polygons, selecting the entire object, I hit "unrap" and nothing happens. Also, my objects is not showing on the UV room -shoul it be there if I don't have UVs?-.
I am using 4.7.10. Thanks in advance. 

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Sometimes if possible and not under a NDA agreement you can share the 3DC. Upload the file to a server like dropbox or similar one and you can send me the link through a private pm here at the forums. 

I will take a look at it. It would be faster in figuring out your problems than back and forth texting in this case but of course the choice is yours...

Once the problem is solved, I delete your file from my hard drive.

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