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[Solved] baking vertex color texture to uv

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Hi everyone, as the title says I'm trying to look for a way to do this. I did some research myself to see if I could find the answer but none seem to have a clear answer to what I'm seeking. So far the only workaround I've found was to export my model as a .ply, which isn't what I need.

As stated here in the last paragraph under the "Paint Room" header, it says that I can "Bake your vertex colors and PTEX textures to standard UV Maps for usage anywhere" - I'm assuming this is the same as Zbrush's auto generate UV button after polypainting. Where can I find this function?

The thread I could find closest to the question I was asking was: 

But based off of the answers it sounds like there's no such button to auto-generate a UV based off of vertex color. This confuses me because the documentation says otherwise, no?

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This is not a tutorial but just information.

Right click on your model in the sculpt room, choose Autopo, then your selection or Just use the Autopo function and work through the process. Both will take you though the process but one is a little more automatic.

3DC workflow is not quad polygons like Zbrush so the model needs a quad retopo mesh created for it, uv seams and unwrapping plus baking. The vertex colors will be baked for the model.

Watch the videos from 14---18 to understand how these functions work, this will save you frustration. The whole series of videos are good for a new users of 3DC. 




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Hi digman, thanks for the instructions. I'm confident what you showed me is what I need to do, at the moment I'm just trying to figure out why my model disappears when I'm going through the AUTOPO wizard - specifically when it asks me to paint high density areas on my mesh.

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