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[Solved] Delay when switching tools

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Hi guys!

When switching to certain tools I am experiencing a significant delay. Mostly happens in Voxel mode. Cut Off, Pose and Grow brushes are a guaranteed 2-4 second freeze. Some tools work fine, but others take quite some time. It's been happening for a few versions now.. I am wondering whether it is a proper behavior, or there is something wrong on my end. I remember tool switching being instant in the past.

Here's a video illustrating the problem:

3DC Version: 4.7.24
Tested in both GL and DX versions
CPU: i7-4770 3.40 GHz
Ram: 32GB
GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 / Driver Version 378.49

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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After a quick search found this thread. 


Deleting Tool Presets folder helped for the time being. 

Does anyone have an explanation to why the lag issue starts to happen?
Is folder cleanup something that needs to be done regularly?

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