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Hi again, 

 I had another suggestion in mind, concerning the lasso tool in 3d coat. The two lassos are really effective, I use it pretty much the same way I use the lasso tool ("stroke lasso") and the polygonal lasso tool ( Vertex Lasso) in Photoshop. It is great for people like me who learned photoshop years before they discovered 3d coat. 

What is really intereseting with photoshop is that you can do an unperfect/curvy selection with the lasso tool and then switch (without deselecting) to the polygonal tool by just maintaining alt.  Two big advantages : 

-you can "rest" at any point when making a stroke with the lasso. As long as you maintain alt, your selection is not closed. This is great for complex selections.

-you can make selections that are both freehand and polygonal (I attached a screenshot of a selection made this way in Photoshop).

I think it would be a great add :)



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You can use the Closed Spline tool as well for complex shapes... just for your information if you did not know... 

After hitting the escape key, you can add more control points, move them and change the type of control point. 

You can save your complex shapes as well for later use. 

The little grey square with the down arrow also has more tools. A tip, start your curve from left to right, sometimes that little box will get in the way from right to left.

Also to create this shape I turned off B-splines in the grey tool box.

The above is not meant to say that your suggestions are not worthy of note...


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haha yeah no worries :) And thanks for the reminder, I don't use this tool enough, maybe because it's not as immediate as the lasso tools. (I'm more sketching in 3d than making accurate ingame models)

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