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SCULPT: Fix light direction


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Hello everyone,

-I was wondering how to fixate my light. Right now it moves when I'm moving my camera.
I tried locking the environment (Camera -Background - Lock Environment) but I guess it has nothing to do with it?

-Other than that, I like the program but I have a very hard time finding a clear documentation / help database for these 'Noob' questions. I have the feeling other programs are more in depth about different functions and options. Or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place?


Thanks in advance,



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Always good to give the version you are using

Not sure what is going on there. The hdri is rotating? If the Lock Environment is set then the Hdri should not rotate when you move / rotate  your model. This you have done.  Everything works as expected on my end. Beta version 2.7.26

The light cast from the hdri will cast shadows depending upon the form of your model as the model rotates. I know it is a, yeah I know that already but since you are new to 3DC, the reason for asking. 

https://www.youtube.com/user/AlienMinefield/playlists  go here, he has a number of good videos. Since you new to 3DC, watch the welcome to 3D Coat series. 23 videos in all.

https://www.youtube.com/user/PILGWAY3DCoat/playlists The official 3DC Youtube Channel. AbnRanger has created a number of informative videos.  Of course since 3DC has been around a number of years some are older. There are other videos by other users there too. 

Another trick is:

Camera---Background---Vertical Gradient.

Geometry Menu---Cast Shadows. gives a performance warning but really that was for years ago... Today cpus and gpus can handle it I think.

Now you can  move the light using the same light blub icon that is used to rotate the Hdir  in the top tool panel.

This is great also for checking form from different light angles as you can move the light vertically as well.



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Hello digman,

Thank you for your reply and the channels you provided. I was hoping there was a more in depth user manual like you can find with 3dsMax. Anyway, I'm sure I'll learn a lot from those videos.

I'm using version 4.7.24(GL64) as a trial.

I've included some steps to show what I exactly mean. In step 1 I've created a cylinder on a plane, checked 'cast shadows' from the Geometry menu and I'm able to rotate the light using the 'adjust light icon' top right toolbar. Now, when I start rotating my camera in step 2, the light also rotates with it, but I want it on a fixed position.

Thanks, I hope this clarifies it a bit.



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Now I understand better thanks... This would be a design feature as the light is tied to the camera for sculpting purposes. As we spin around the model the light follows so we can see better what we are sculpting. 

There is no way to currently that I know of to unlock the light from the camera. You could create a feature request for that ability. 

Personally, I rather have the light follow the camera as the default setup but also can see uses of unlocking the light.  

Feature requests, Andrew does listen and many features we have today are from feature request. The most recent was getting rid of sphere placement for locally adjusting your baking cage to a paint method which is far far better and user friendly.  Depending upon his development schedule and the reasons given for the feature plus other users jumping in and giving the old "+1" to your request helps.

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