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[Fixed] Shift-select layers


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Is shift select option ever going to be introduced? 

The lack of that option in Zbrush forced to be buy a 3rd party plugin that helped to manage subtools.

But I don't think anyone has done any 3rd party scripts here. 

But this is a "goes without saying" option. I don't even know how you can develop a modern application without the ability to select layers or files.


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It's necessary to select multiple layers whether it's drawing, sculpture,or deleting,This's a very useful and very basic function in most software.

But in 3DCOAT which seems unable to do this,Does anyone know what to do?

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The only thing you can do at the moment is adding layers to a Group. Then you can delete a group. Not saying this is ideal but currently the only way. 

This would need to be done early in the process to be efficient.


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Here in 2021.57, from a Google search. I wanted to shift-select multiple layers in the Paint room / Textura, to hide multiple layers simultaneously using the eye icon on the layers panel. OR, click, hold, and drag like in Photoshop.

Right now there can be a blank layer created by exporting to Photoshop. If you come back to the project and don't remember what's on that layer, it's a pain to click off 20+ other layers to check it.

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