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Smart Materials not showing up fully, no idea how to even search for hits to this problem

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I am trying to use smart materials, but im getting like wierd, 10% of the smart material results, as if I had multiply turned on or something. But I dont, everything is default and I cant figure out what happened over night, things were fine yesterday!

I have tried many different meshes etc, same results, restarted, same. 

here is a gif of what I am seeing, what setting is on or what is happening? I am at a full stop here and so confused! I have watched lots of tutorials, but have NO clue how to even describe with words what this problem even is: http://imgur.com/CTt0Fbi


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Always best to give the version of 3DC you are using.

Your opacity for color is set to 23% 

Also your workflow is lacking in details. like what kind of model is it. Is it imported directly using Per Pixel mode into the paint room, a surface mode model and you are vertex painting or a baked model from the retopo room. All the above each go into a possible answer but for now the simplest to try is to set your opacity to 100%


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Hello there! I hope someone will help you.
Your issue may be related to your graphic card (not sure though).
I don't have the knowledge to give a hand, but it may be better
if you add your machine specifications (OS, which graphic card, RAM, etc...) to your message.
Your post is recent, so be patient. I bet administrators will have a look soon.

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Opacity is lower than 50% , its at value 23 , this may be your issue.

Just read the other comments , its definitely opacity as David is pointing out as well.

Graphics artifacts is from the gif ;)

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