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Lizard spikes


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Hi all,

I've watched a ton of tutorials and read the manual, but I'm still a bit confused about the best way to do this.  I have a base model for my bearded dragon, but would like to lay down some of those little spikes that come off of the head, as in the attached photo.  For that matter, I'm not really sure how to do the scales, either, but I figure I'll need to do a bit more investigating for that.  Any starting direction someone could provide would be fantastic.





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Another method is to use the Tapering feature plus the spacing feature for the brush radius when using an alpha brush. Shown in picture. 

Also you can use the curve stroke from the E-Panel plus spacing again. Be sure to have turned off taping in the taping panel before using the curve stroke.

When laying down the curve stroke, reduce the brush radius between each control point.

I suggest working on a simple model to get a feel of how the two methods work plus the one Carlosan mentioned


curve stroke.JPG

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The strips tool is a method as well.

I sculpted a simple spike, decimated the spike some and exported as an obj object.

Under the strips tool created a new strip.

Used taping and spacing again.

Used the build brush.

The picture shown is not for quality but just to show the method. The individual strips could have been closer together but it is just for show.

Side Note: Depth can be manually typed beyond 100%. 


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