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Noob Question on Exporting Textures in .png


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I am currently learning 3D-Coat so I can create skins for a game called Rust. The game has a workshop that allows you to download the .obj file of every item available in game. I understand very well now how to add textures to my .obj file/or material once its in the 3D-Coat program. All I do is paint textures and colors on the object. However, when I am done I cannot seem to figure out how to export all my textures required for my Rust skin to work. The file must be converted into .png. There are 5 .png textures that must be submitted into the workshop to make your skin come to life as you created it. Diffuse Map, Normal Map, Specular/Gloss Map, Occlusion Map, and Emissive Map. Those are the 5 files I need to convert my .obj file into .png. I am stuck though because there is NOT A SINGLE VIDEO on how to export files properly for newbies. I also have used the Export objects and Textures tab and that is confusing as hell. Can someone please tell me how to get the proper .png files needed to fulfill the look and desire that is need for this 5 .png files? I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER! 

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Any new software will be somewhat confusing when first learning it. The export panel is more powerful today at the request of many many users. You can make it simpler by doing the below.

Deselect "Use export constructor" in the export panel.  Also it appears that you are using a Non-PBR workflow.  I looked at the game and a 2 month old Rust forum post asking if the developers were going to a PBR workflow. So my question would be it is a Non-PBR game.

I think you might be able to use the Gloss/Color specular method if your game supports it. I tend to use the Non-PBR 4.1.17 version of 3DC  if I need any non pbr work. It can be installed without overwriting the PBR version. Of course there are no smart materials in that version.



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