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Baking shader color into voxels

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Is it possible to bake colors like cavity, bump etc. into voxels? I need something like this because I want to export a voxel model for Sketchfab.

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Shaders in the sculpt room will not be exported as vertex color (no uv set). Unless this has changed, not tested in awhile.

Now any vertex painting (no uv set) you do in the paint room can be exported as vertex color including smart materials colors. 

Exporting vertex color does include any kind of specularity.

Neither is bump \ displacement exported except what is already in the model.

Vertex color is just colors with RGB and A Channels stored for each vertex of a mesh so this is not just a limitation of 3DC.

The quality of your vertex color is depended upon the amount of vertices you have in the model. In theory there is no limit on the amount of polygons than can be displayed at Sketchfab but there are limitations to consider.

The link is information you might know already but I put it here for others too.


Of course you can create a lower retopo polygon mesh with a uv set and bake the sculpt room shaders including all channels to the paint room, then export from there. Some shaders bake better than others as the tool tip states.

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