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Alex Z

Retopo Locked Normal Failure

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Hi guys,

This issues has been bugging me for a while, but i've finally found the cause.

When i import a Low Poly Mesh to be used as a Retopo mesh for baking, (3ds Max + multiple smoothing groups) ((FBX file format))  at the time of baking the Lock Normal fuction is checked but my Low Poly Mesh is still baked out with only 1 smoothing group. This causes horrid shading and reflection errors on hard surface models.

The most annoying thing about this is due to the fact i can't re-apply the smoothing groups in 3ds Max, becasue the Normal map orginally baked out by 3d Coat was baked onto a model with only 1 smoothing group. (The Mesh and the Normal map will never match up, causing errors.)

It seems impossible to work around this.


What is strange, the Locked Normals fuction used in the Paint Room works fine, no issues there at all. (FBX file format)

It seems this error is confined to the Retopo Room import function / baked output (FBX file format)


Thanks for Reading,


- Edit -

Sadly it actually looks like the Locked Normal fuctions doesn't work at all, in any Room, Paint or Retopo. (at least with FBX files)

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Hi !

This issue was reported.

Please send support request to Andrew Shpagin at


Ty !

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Thank you for the info Carlosan!

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