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How to have Object centered?

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I´ve done some sculpting and exported the object to obj/fbx and iomported it into another 3D app (MODO). The issue is, objects imported from 3D Coat seem to

be not "centered" at 0,0,0 in my modo-scene. Objects have a little offset (dont know why) - is there a way to force objects to be centered in 3D Coat?

Like origin/pivot is at coordinate 0,0,0 in the scene?


Kind Regards

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with the transform tool you can type in the XY and Z position. There is also an X right next to those 3 values that will set them all to 0.0.0. Just be aware that this is using the models pivot point which can also be centered in that dialog by using the "Center in Local Space" button.

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