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Baking normal and displacements from external Hi mesh


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Import the Hi-Res model (obj) into either voxel mode or surface mode. Run autopo or manually create your low polygon mesh. Optionally create your retopo mesh in ZBrush and import that into the retopo room for the retopo mesh.

Create your uv seams, unwrap and then bake to the paint room for either a displacement map or a normal map. 

The above is not a tutorial, just answering the question that it is possible.

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Thanks for your reply. I can save my displacement as EXR for displacement rendering on Vray or in any other render? It's there a tutorial where I can see the process. I'm using zbrush for the modeling, I like the UV room on 3Dcoat and I want to see if the baking results are better than the ones on zbrush, specially for displacement. 


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