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[Solved] Retopo loop color


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So, is it possible to alternate the color of specific colors along loops of faces in the retopo mode?


Because when it's the same green shade, it's hard to make proper topology and I get lost easily.


I mean something like in the attached image. I know that different "islands" have different colors, but when they connect in the mesh they all become the same green.




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I was also confused when using it.
Actually, I still don't know why it was made like this.
Or maybe there's another way I don't know.....

Rather than selecting a color directly, 3DCoat applies the colors of the palette in order each time the topology is divided.

For example, the first basic topology is green
The second topology is blue
Third, magenta.....
(*Sometimes the assigned color changes back to itself...)

When dividing a seam, a color similar to that of the seam appears, or even though the topology is clearly divided, the color may look similar.

In this case, a similar color was chosen from the palette.
It can be solved by changing the color of the corresponding color one by one in the palette.

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So you can only modify what colour 3DCoat will use...? You can't manually assign colours to a loop/edge flow where you want it...? If that's the case, at least there's still the UV seam workaround. At least by adding where seams will be, it'll assign a new colour where you want. :) It's just to help me practise and learn good topology flows based on references I'm following.

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