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[Solved] "Sphere" does not work correctly in Mac version ?


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Hi,I am very new to 3d-coat so I might be wrong but it seems "sphere" function does not work correctly in Mac version of 3D-coat. 
I tried to change tool settings but had no luck and the function kept working almost same as the "blob" function.

Here is the environment:
Mac Book Pro early 2013 Geforce GT N650
OS Mac OS 10.1.24
Memory 8GB

3D-coat ver4.7.23

There I see some drawing issues but I can ignore. Maybe because of poor machine power of my mac book.
I would like to know if the malfunction such as above has been one of known issues, demo specific problem or so...


I own Windows version and trying free demo of Mac version because I am thinking adding Mac license. Working on 3D-coat outside of my house would be fantastic!



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Thank you for the reply, Carlosan.

Unfortunately, my issue is a bit different from the one mentioned in the thread. In my case, I 3D-coat does not build a sphere but it build an artifact more like a box or a cube.
Please see the pic in which I tried to create spheres using "sphere" function.


スクリーンショット 2017-05-07 10.44.07.png

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You are using a spline tool from the e-panel, switch to a regular brush and you will produce a sphere... 

e-panel---hover over the spline tool and you will see the selection of regular brushes.


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