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Transform Tool - Related Issue

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I've been having a problem with the transform tool, in the Sculpt room. 


Whenever I put more than one mesh objects and use the transform tool, it is "focused" on both of them. 

How am I able to get it "focused" on one mesh object, rather than two mesh objects.


Please respond ASAP, thank you! 

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You can use pick position to focus it.


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Check to the right side of the 3DC interface to see if it is docked there... If so you can pull it off to the viewport if you so desire. 

Side note: if any disconnected objects are on the same layer, they are treated as one. Any transformation will effect both.

If you need to transform a disconnected object on one layer, you can use the Cut and Clone tool in the left tool bar under the "Objects section".

In the Panel is also to center mass, that will put the transform gizmo to the central mass of the object. 

You can reset the page (room) to default. That is located in the Windows menu " Reset this Page to Default"

Maybe that will make the panel appear when clicking on the transform tool.

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