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Dual monitor -> import without doing new, moves windows from second monitor back to primary.


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I have 2 monitoprs. and afterv hint fdrom other forum poster using that with pleasure.
Not sure how people can work with 3d-coat on single screen, not much space.

But, there's a problem i have with 3d-coat 4.7.24 (DX version with this test, GL have other problems)
When i import FBX file with the option "model for per pixel painting" It's moving most of the time windows from 3d-coat i have on the secondairy screen back to my main. I can fix it by "restore this page layout" but if you do that a few times in a row it get a bit Grrr.. :)

|This is what happens. first how i have it. second picture how it looks after i have imported the fbx.



Btw. Would be nice if you can move the camera puldown box and everything more to the left side of the main screen.


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