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Hello, I'm new to 3d coat and i've been doing some retopology to my head mesh which i've imported from my scanner.

while doing the retopology I used the symetry option and when i've unwrapped it it was just half of the face and when I tried to export it to blender it was the same.

what should i do in order to get a full head unwraped  either in 3d coat or blender? does it have to do  with using symetry? if it does how can i avoid it and still not retopology the all mesh by hand?

would appreciate any advice .

Thank you.

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3 hours ago, Tony Nemo said:

In the Retopo room, Retopo menu>Apply symmetry

After doing what Tony said, Go back to the retopo menu and deselect virtual symmetry. 

The reason that you export only one side of the model is that virutal symmetry is on plus you have not applied the virtual symmetry to real polygons. 

I generally do not have virtual symmetry on when retopoing. If my model is symmetrical the other side will be created when using real symmetry. I use virtual symmetry for corrections if needed or to duplicate the axis. 

A heads up. Sometimes when applying virtual symmetry extra polygons can be created along the symmetry line. Check to make sure you do not have any extra polygons after applying symmetry.

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Thank you very much for your much helpfull advices!

If I may -another question- Is it possible to do retopology with the original texture of the model so it stays on the model while retopologing andis it possible to unwrap it?

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