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Stylus tilt support (and other parameter connections)


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Could you add support for stylus tilt/rotation/fingerwheel1? I'm using a cintiq and I'm also using brush alphas that are line-shaped and I'd like to be able to rotate them just by rotating the pen and not having to stop what I'm doing and adjust the rotation manually with a hotkey or adjusting the brush options. Also, this would let me adjust rotation in mid-stroke.

To better illustrate the possibilities of exposing brush parameters to the tablet input, this is what I can do after hacking my wacom driver in a 2D painting program and mapping brush size to a footpedal, using my space navigator to spin the brush and brush smoothing to a second pedal. I'm manually adjusting brush size, smoothing, rotation and opacity (a total of 4 separate parameters) in mid-brushstroke.

More realtime-adjustable, stylus-controlled parameters means I get to spend more time painting and less time tweaking settings.



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I second that. Fingerwheel support would be very welcome here. And a generalized system which could read all the different additional channels, and maybe generic analog axes that could be mapped to other devices like foot pedals would be great. You can never have too many analog axes to work with (unless you run out of fingers and feet to control them of course ;))

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