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So, I have a question about Export Textures workflow. (I'm pretty sure it's already was somewhere in past topics, but I didn't find)

Exporting to Photoshop (Ctrl+P) I have a bunch of layers with my color work (grouped together in my first picture) and separate layers for an Ambient Occlusion (AO), normal map etc.
And now I can save color map, AO map and normal map from Photoshop.
So it's first option for export my textures.


The second option is Export Objects & Textures panel in 3D-Coat. So I choose Unreal 4 export preset for example.
And then I got several maps: _BaseColor, _ao, etc.
But looking to  _BaseColor map I can see that color information and AO kinda combined together. Is it correct behavior? Or may be I'm doing something wrong?
And which is the right way to export color and AO maps? In particular for Unreal Engine 4. Because in UE 4 my material now has some kind of "double AO" when exporting from 3D-Coat.



_BaseColor texture map exported from 3D-Coat:



_ao texture map:


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Before exporting the textures from 3DC, hide the AO layer, then it will not be combined with the albedo map when exporting. You can still export the AO from the export panel even though it is hidden. 

Yes it is a little counter intuitive.

Tip: You can  deselect "Use Export Constructor for Per / Channel  Packing" if you do not need any per channeling packing.  This is an artist call depending upon his / her workflow.


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Thank you very much digman !

It's totally resolved this issue :)

I didn't know that "hide AO before export"  trick!

Now I have consistent results.

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