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new member! much questions!

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hi all,

i´m new here and hope to stick around.

casual user of 3d coat for a while now but would like to use it more in some projects. 

that will mean alot of question in this forum:

i love voxel sculpting and am testing some workflows at the same time i stumble across odd stuff in.

for instance - just right now i´ve gotten a weird issue. although im in voxel space i am getting stretching of polygons. screencap attached.

version 4.7.24 opengl. the way in understand it - it should not be happening. 


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Ok, it really helps to tell which brush you are using plus the 3DC version you have installed. I will shoot in the dark here only by viewing your image

You are in voxel mode but appear to be using a surface tool (brush) in voxel mode. The tools (brushes) are located on the left side of the interface. 

These brushes will more or less turn the area that you are brushing on to polygons and not voxels hence you get stretching. Using them will not switch you to surface mode (polygons).

Press enter to turn the brush strokes to voxels. 

Now I use the surface tools (brushes) in voxel mode all the time as I am building up base form as they are really quick. You just have to remember to press enter every so often to turn them into real voxels. I created my own preset surface mode tools (brushes) for this kind of blocking in shapes while in voxel mode.

Also you  appear to be really low resolution at about 96,000. That in itself is not bad. I generally start out at that amount when blocking in and add more resolution as I need it. You just have to remember that voxels need a high amount for adding details. Voxels are good up to medium detail but really fine detail is where surface mode shines. I will say that it depends upon the model too. I do a number of objects in voxel mode and do not switch to surface mode as I do not need that extra level of details.

This might not be your answer as I was shooting in the dark.

surface tools.PNG

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hi and thanks digman,

i listed the version above as 4.7.24 and was actually just using the grow brush. i most definitely did not use surface brushes since they are way down the menu and i was playing around with the "topshelf" brushes. still, your comments did help, thank you.

tbh i think it must have been a bug because i actually did not have that happen again.

btw workflow wise - i suppose it does not make sense to switch from voxel to surface very often right, due to detail loss? apparently voxel is good for sketching where surface is for refining and finalising. i´d be very interested to hear pros and cons of each within 3dcoat.

i actually much prefer working in voxel space but am not sure if this is the way to go. retopo, detailing and projection would be then handled in zbrush, since i am more comfortable with it atm.


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