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[Solved] Massive Bug in 4.7.35

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Huge issue for me in the latest build 4.7.35

Smart Material Preview window is no longer working in real time. It requires a movement or window refresh.

This means it is now impossible to see what you are doing when moving sliders to create materials.

Therefore it is now impossible to create materials, and the whole PBR section of 3DCoat is broken at its core.

Since this is the only part of the program I bought it for, I would really like some confirmation of it from others. Especially anyone running on a similar spec.


Windows 10

Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M 

All Drivers Latest

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It would be nice to see a stable version coming out soon. I noticed that if both the beta and stable versions are installed, and even if they are contained in different folders, 3DCoat's attributes will start getting buggy on the stable version.

Someone already mentioned this a while back.

One thing I believe is very important to add is: To be able to store the Folder that is created on a different hard drive. Basically if you are running it on a SSD you will be stuck with the space you have to save data on. Many Programs (like PS) Allow you to save Preferences etc in a different folder.

I have for example 3 drives. 1) for the OS & main Programs a SSD Samsung 960 Pro. 2) A Second Drive To store all other Programs. 3) All Assets that are being created including materials etc.. and the only one that is not enjoying my workflow is 3Dcoat :( I think everyone knows how it is to have huge folders containing Brushes, Presets, Materials etc. I believe me as a Customer should be able to decide how the installation should act and what goes where.

This I believe does not just concern me and many others have written this in the past.

Updates:  instead of downloading each time a new beta / stable version why not implement a auto update where both beta and stable may be updated if installed even for older Versions. The User would login to his/her account and never have to always put in a key. Add the Discord chat channel, and 3DC's Youtube Channel. This could as well represent News and Highlights as well has maybe the most voted Artist of the month etc.. This would give 3DCoat a Boost in the social environment too.

( So recapping: 1: Implement an update browser login. kinda like what Epic Games, Steam has or many many other Professional Programs do (even game clients do this). 2:Add integration to auto update, beta and stable releases. 3:decide what goes where. 4: Auto login to account sends a automatic check of your Key every exp:3 month  :::(C4D does this too) 5: Show news, highlights, best artist of the month, 3Dcoat's YT channel etc..

Note: I personally only want to give my advice and hopefully give Pilgway deeper perspective. I do not mean to bark at the wrong door.

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