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How to export my textures for 3DS max (Psychical materials)

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Im fairly new in 3D Coat - I can figure out the painting / UV tools pretty easily. I just cant get my textures into 3DS max and have them look right. I chose the Export preset for 3DS MAX psychical shaders - and i get a normal map - Metalness - roughness - IOR - which is all good.


I import my model and create a psychical shader and put my maps into the right spots - but the materials just dont look right... Atm im using standard lights and the Scanline renderer (I just wonna try it out before heading into arnold). 


Can anyone explain me how to export correctly ? Or maybe make a step by step guide?

Best Regards Jonas 


EDIT: Some screens 5zXyZMk.pngwUbhGsl.jpg

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Scanline is not PBR engine render.

You need to work and export in Gloss/ColorSpecular workflow (Textures menu)


Switch to any PBR engine render for Max like Arnold or RadeonProRender.

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