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[Solved] Steam and Add another OS upgrade license

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Did not get any response via support mail so I´ll try the forum. 

Tried 3D Coat and really liked it so I bought EDU version from Steam. Before buying I searched around about the licensing and found information that one could find the serial number for the Steam installation in the Win registry and use it to install the standalone versions of 3dCoat. I also found out that one can buy an "Add another OS" upgrade for 40$.  
Tested the Wizard for the "Add Another OS" upgrade and it required the serial and it was valid for both pro and edu versions. Great, I got the serial from the registry and walked through the wizard and ordered the upgrade for MAC.
Well, the order went through but I only received an order confirmation mail stating. "Thank you for your purchase..." "Error! Serial ******-******-.... isn´t active".
Used 40$ on the upgrade licens but cannot use it and no response from support in 24h. :-/
Have I misunderstood everything, isn´t it possible to use the "Add another OS" if one buys 3DCoat from Steam? 
Hope to find an answer to this so I know what options I have.....

New "confused" 3DCoat user

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Everything worked out. Both Andrew and sales contacted me and I recieved the licens. So no problem to use the "Add another os" upgrade. Thumbs up!
Really love the software. Really easy to use and that gets the creativity to flow :-)

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