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Normals messed up or mesh too light


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Can anyone explain what is happening here?  I sculpted and retopoed a car that looks ok in 3d Coat but is horrid on export to Simlab and Daz Studio.

This is the paint object in 3d coat



This is the mesh


This is in Simlab without Normal map



This is in Simlab with normal map



Daz without normal map



Daz with normal map


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No in the Daz Studio render I used 3d delight but the same results are obtained with Iray.  I also tried rendering another lo poly model made with 3d Coat and it rendered OK.  I don't like the model so may start again.  I would still like to understand the issue though.  I imagine 3d Coat gets used with Daz a lot for clothing and props.


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Did you try rebaking using different Normal Map Software Presets to see if any of them gave better results?


I'd recommend starting with the presets provided, and testing each until you find the one that works best.  If the results still aren't quite right you could then try going to your Preferences and tweaking the individual settings for whichever preset gave you the best output to see if you can further improve the results.


Don't forget to make a copy of the preset before changing the settings (select the preset to edit then choose Add Normal Map Preset from the Normal Map Software Preset  pulldown menu) so you don't overwrite a preset you may need later.  And if you happen to find the perfect combination of settings for Daz Studio and/or Simlab don't forget to post a screenshot of them for future reference! ;)

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I went back to my original settings but made a new model and it worked perfectly.  Here is an Iray render in Daz Studio.  The whole experience makes me a little nervous of creating anything too time-consuming as I can't explain what went wrong.  I'm guessing it's my rubbish retopo skills. 

Thanks for helping

Screenshot of my settings for posterity too.



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