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[Solved] Sketch tool doesn't apply the sketch


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Hi all,

I really like Sketch Tool in 3D Coat. In fact, I made a fairly popular tutorial about it on youtube. But it is really buggy :(

I've tested it numerous times with different voxel density and scale but it's always unpredictable. So when I hit "apply" sometimes I get the full sketch but more often I get it filled by 20% or none at all. I've ticked and unticked all the boxes in the tool as well, desperately trying to get it working.

I think this tool has got some amazing potential and it beats shadowbox in Zbrush on many levels (and I've made video about Zbrush shadowbox as well) But it is just unusable. I can spend 10 minutes sketching without a possibility of applying it.

I hope something can be done about it.



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