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Keep the original texture after unwrapping edited model

Jose Acosta

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So I imported a low poly model and cut off a small portion of it. But when I unwrap it the UV Map is completely different from the original one and when I import the texture it had before it's all messed up because it doesn't fit the new uv map. So is there a way to make changes to a model and still have the original texture wrapped around where it was before? It's really frustrating not being able to keep the models original texture after unwrapping.





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If you just deleted faces from the model you do not need unwrap.

When a model is created as a polygon mesh, UV coordinates (also known as texture coordinates) can be generated for each vertex in the mesh.

If the topology of the mesh was changed, the uv coordinates also vary.

I think the Textured Baking Tool would help with your task.


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