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[Solved] ZBrush-like right-click navigation controls

Metin Seven

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I'm very new to 3D Coat, and the first things I'd like to adjust to make my workspace more familiar are the viewport navigation controls.

I'm very used to ZBrush's right-click viewport navigation controls:

RMB = Orbit

Control + RMB = Zoom

Alt + RMB = Pan

When I use the ZBrush-like navigation preset, the above-mentioned controls don't work.

I've tried to customize the controls, but entering the above-mentioned controls doesn't seem to work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated, many thanks in advance.

Regards from the Netherlands,


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Ah, I found out how to do it. In Camera ➔ Customize Navigation, you don't type in the shortcut in the entry field (like typing "ALT+RMB", which I previously did), but you first click the Assign button, then perform the shortcut. It's also advisable to remove any double shortcut entries in the Customize Navigation list, because they can interfere with each other.

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Thanks for the advice,- I had the same issue. 

I'm very glad that 3DC has so much customization options for the camera ... and everything else....

I will gradually take over the mouse and keyboard layout from my usual CAD.


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