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[Solved] Square of UV set is too big

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I'm getting this issue "The square of the UV set is too big." I don't know what could be causing this error. I've imported other models exactly this way before with no issue, but there seems to be an issue now? I attached my unwrap in the images. The poly count is 3,824 tris. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.



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I had similar problem when exporting low poly (approx 350 polys) from 3Ds Max. What I did is, that I opened 3Ds max Unwrap UVW modifier on the model and problem was that UV in 3Ds max was in extremely scaled far out of the UV box. So I just scaled it down inside the box and exported, no error message then.

I am still not sure what adjustment needs to be done in 3Ds max to prevent this.

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