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For those who haven't been keeping up, NewTek posted a countdown timer at the following URL. Over the course of the past week clues have been released which people have been figuring out. Clearly this is related to LW 10, which may also be called LightWave Core.

What we think it will have so far:

A unified application, no more separate apps. no more hub.

They are pointing to a new system implemented called CORE (Central Object Recognition Engine).

Very possibly a History Stack will be introduced.

Python Scripting.

A Linux version.

Redesigned interface that is either selectable or possibly skinnable.

Possible Latice Deformation system.

Possible Instancing.

Also a screenshot:


The timer plus a form that was added last night:


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interesting news, is there going to be more screenshots of an interface overhaul? has lightwave ever had icons for its tools? I just find I rely on symbols and colours to remember where stuff is and lightwave was a nightmare to learn at university because everything is just a little gray block with writing on. I now use cinema 4D and max and find both of them have a better user interface than lightwave but arent necessarily a better tool.

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That's funny, just about every LightWave user I've talked to prefers the text buttons. Anyway the big announcement will be done over live video at 4pm EST tomorrow (when the timer runs out). Right now the live stream only shows the timer. 19.5 hrs to go as of right now!


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