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Why does Sculpt Room -> Adjust -> Reconstruct tool affect triangles out of target area?


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I've noticed that a mesh I was repairing(exported from zbrush), was getting destructive damage to it a fair distance away from where I was using the reconstruct tool targeted area(mask/freeze). Usually this was being used to repair some holes or poorly triangulated areas. Is this to be expected? Is there something I can do to minimize the damage the tool can do unexpectedly?

There seems to be a few tools that behave like this, especially Cut Off surprised me, it's not clear from a glance which tools can affect the surface elsewhere from where I am using the brush/rectangle. I'd very much like something like Cut Off and Reconstruct where I can define some bounding/radius limit.

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2 hours ago, Carlosan said:

How complex is your mesh ?

Can you separate it to work on individual parts ?

Have you tried importing it into voxel mode with high resolution layer to make cuts ?

It is a chunk from zbrush from 30m mesh. I have been introducing 3d coat to team as it is good at repairing this mesh mistake which artist have trouble with in zbrush.we cannot alter the vertices on the edges though as it needs to be welded back into the full zbrush model when finished. 3dcoat can't load the whole mesh, complains about memory even though we have 128gb ram and 8gb vram on 1080 GPU. File is about 1gb binary fbx for full mesh, chunk being edited in 3dc is about 50mb.

It won't voxelize well as the ceiling and floor are planar surfaces with no thickness, there is no walls in this chunk but there is a big pillar object bridging ceiling and floor that is being repaired.

I could perhaps split areas that shouldn't be touched into their own layers, as long as they will combine ok afterwards..right now I've learned out to use freeze to hide/isolate areas of interest. I think most tools will not affect hidden triangles so hopefully problems will be avoided.

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