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Grey polygons while uvmapping


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Hi everyone! 

When I uvmap, sometimes certain meshes are doing this strange thing of having one or more polygons plain grey. They also don't show on the UV map islands! I've encountered this problem twice before: once, I solved it splitting a polygon that had several vertices in more, simpler polygons; and the other time it was a rectangle and I just couldn't get what was going wrong.

I've no idea on why this is happening (in this specific case is also a triangle, so it's clearly not a matter of complexity) and I'm attaching a screenshot to show you the situation! Thank you for your support! :)

Senza nome.png

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Can you please perform this test:

On retopo Room > turn off snap

On sculpt room > hide the sculpt model

Back to retopo Room

Looking the retopo group topology just in the baked grey zone....  Do you see a face or a hole ?


Face or Hole .jpg

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SOLVED: I'm sorry, I solved this issue in few hours after I made this post, but I forgot to update the post!

The issue: double vertices (two vertices overlapping one another, one of them created erroneously)!

Hope that will turn useful to someone someday! Thanks for your help Carlosan! :)

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