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Decimation like Proxy Decimate setting?


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I have noticed with a mesh I import with bad geo, decimate does not help much, but when I tried enable proxy with Decimate 16x, it made a much nicer topology(lost detail aside). Unfortunately I cannot seem to replicate this proxy decimation(decimate 16M mesh to 1M is not same results). I can use the clean clay brush and manually get similar result, but would like this decimation approach proxy feature uses vs current decimation method.

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13 hours ago, Carlosan said:

Which proxy method are you using ?

Decimate or Reduce/Resample ?




Like I mention Decimate. Does this proxt get stored somewhere on disk or can I export it somehow. 3DC doesn't seem to have similar decimation via other methods that worked so well.

I have tried resample as well, this worked badly, perhaps is ok for voxel but on surface it destroy alot of shape by making every triangle fit into cube grid type of look(voxel style I think). The scene have some small fine detail and many fine curve surface, so decimation need to not lose shape too much. Regular decimation avoid shape loss that resample does, but regular decimate did not adjust density district of triangles, areas with too many or too few triangles kept these qualities. But proxy decimation fixed these and made good distribution, would you like comparison pictures to help show what I mean?

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