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UV Automap cluster size?


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This auto uv map feature 3D coat looks very good! One small issue was in noisy areas of mesh it made many small islands, I am wanting to just uv unwrap the broader/bigger surfaces automatically as a starting point. Is there anyway to control the result so that islands must be of a min size/cluster? Or must I go through afterwards and find all these tiny islands to merge/weld them back manually afterwards?

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There isnt anyway to control the result so that islands must be of a min size/cluster.

  0002112: Auto Seem creating too many islands.

Below Auto Seams there is another tool
- Sharp seams
Help to solve this task ?


Add Clusters tool (Add Cluster then unwrap)

Use the LMB to add a cluster center directly on a polygon face. Clicking again on the same face will remove it.

This tool lets you mark local selections of polygons, or clusters, and marks the bordering edges of these clusters as UV Seams, allowing for a whole UV island to be split into parts with little work.


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I will try see how well it will work. On the large environment mesh there was some slowness when I tried to alter seams/islands. I had very small islands from automap that would be nice to brush over to remove/merge into the larger island they cut into. Even some we're just a single triangle ..

Is it a reasonable feature request for postprocess automap result to remove the small island/cluster sizes?

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