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Extension installation doesn´t work

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Hey everyone.

My machine was updated from windos 8.1 to windows 10

Before my harddrive was formated I created an extension in 3d Coat to save all my brushes, models, Shaders and so on.

After my harddrive was formated and windows 10 was installed I installed the latest version of 3d Coat (4.8.059)

I tried to install the extension. I select the file ( I also tried drag and drop) and coat tells me to restart the program.

Immediately a dialog appears "It is reccomended to exit 3d-coat and restart to apply all changes" (no installation bar or anything)

But when I restart nothing has happend. Still all the models, materials and so on are missing.

I tried to install another extesnion ( a material extension I downloaded once) and that worked.

I´m not sure if my extension file is corrupted. The extension creation process seemed to be succesfull since it took coat a while to create the file  and the extension is about 4 gb.


Does the extension file has  to be copied to certain folder so that it will work?

Has anyone a solutuion for this issue?


Thanks in advance







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Extension for version 4.5 are not compatible on version 4.8

And the folder had changed to C:\Users\user\Documents\3D-CoatV48

Try unzipping any 3DC extension changing file type to .zip and manually installing it.

Hope this help

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