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Control flatten volume/height effect?


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Using the flatten tool on sculpt room surface volume, I finally get hang of controlling the plane(but it'd be really great if there was way to control more precisely the plane with transform tool?). What I don't understand is that the flatten effect has a certain depth/volume like area of effect. 

If I have flat surface and protruding shape, I can set the plane to the flat surface and brush through the protruding object. I notice that it may only flatten to a certain depth/height. The depth setting of the brush does not affect this nor does the brush alpha seem to matter. If I increase the brush radius/size however, now the unaffected surface area is flattened too. Is there a way to control this so I can use small brush size but still affect a large height/depth?

Also why is the polygonal lasso tool not available for brush like this? (same with the clean clay tool when wanting to remesh/decimate specific region). They both seem to be affected by the effect being related to the brush size/radius, I imagine that is why.

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14 hours ago, Carlosan said:

Only Brush size control the size.

But you can Edit Flatten Curves


* is Buildup = off ?



Buildup is off, I tried with it on and didn't notice any difference. Just to be clear I don't mean the size of my strokes like brush radius implies. I mean there seems to be a cut off point in the depth/height that the brush stroke flattens, but this is not related to the depth %(which seems to also act a little odd with any depth above 0% for this tool.



7 hours ago, digman said:

Might help your situation...

By the depth icon is the lock icon.  When selected Brush radius and depth are no longer linked. 

See above, depth does not seem to be related to what I'm describing, I have tried varied depth size and increased depth to over 500% and not seen any difference with the impact of flatten depth/height/boundaries. Only increasing the brush size fixes this. I think rather than a circle it is like a sphere, and anything within the sphere can be flattened, when the sphere is too small it will not flatten surfaces that are higher than it, only making the brush size bigger to encapsulate the top of the surface will affect it so it can be flattened down.

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19 hours ago, Carlosan said:

Are Focal Shift & Falloff = 0 ?



I was not aware of focal shift, it is not displayed by default(showed it in top panel by enabling in preferences). Falloff was at 0% yes, I have tried tweaking values of both these, and neither affects the height range of the flatten effect, only increasing the brush size/radius. Just to clarify, I am using Surface Tools -> Flatten, with "On Plane" selected and "Type of Surface" set to "Plane Defined by RMB" and RMB Action "Pick Point & Direction"

Should I try record and share a video to show the issue? I do like that this brush has a cut off point for the height disparity it will apply the flatten effect to, but to use smaller brush size(since polygonal lasso is not permitted) it needs to be possible to adjust the cut off point and preferrably keep it the same across brush size instead of scaling by brush size).

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