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[Feature Request] VR viewport nav


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I am not sure why, but it does not appear I can create post on Feature Request forum. Could this please be moved there?

I'm aware VR sculpting feature requests have been made, but it'd be really nice if could have simpler feature without the controller support to just use the VR headset/tracking to move through and look around like camera navigation. I work on environment data so it'd be quite helpful to get a better idea/feel of the current state of the mesh data before decimate fully and other steps until it arrives in a game engine.

I'm not too familiar with plugin development for coat or if this is possible for a third party to do or requires 3D Coat developer to create. I imagine that if one can get the sensor data for headset orientation and position, they could have a program that calls some API on 3D Coat to update viewport camera position/orientation?

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