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[Solved] Issue with exporting, scale and smoothing groups


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Hi, I currently have a problem to use 3D with 3DS Max, Importing seem to work ok, but when I want to bring back the model in Max for finishing touches, I have some issues.

What is the intented use for 3D Coat for this model, to create the UV for a low poly model and paint it.


Scale is really off. When the model is back in Max, I have to scale it to 400%(Not 100% sure it's accurate). Here is a screen showing  the original model and the model imported back. The model is really small. (Used FBX to export to 3D Coat, and fbx to have it back, tried also obj with the same result)

Also the model is rotated 180 degrees. Perhaps too small to see...

Once I rotated the model, and scaled it to 4000 (should be 400%), they look identical, but the imported model is triangulated, and on export from Max, I made sure the triangulation option was off.
White is the original model, colored model is the one that I re-imported from 3D Coat. Found out that the OBJ version of the model keep the smoothing groups, but the FBX export loose them (all is smoothed as I have a single group)

Is there a way to export without triangulation, keeping the smoothing groups(fbx), size and orientation intact? I know that there is this option to scale the model at export (the information entered there should be memorized)...

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In 3DC only OBJ version of the model keep the smoothing groups.

Are you using latest version ?

I cant replicate your issue, sorry. Can you please check this steps ?

- Select UV map mesh in the Startup menu.

- At import option, check off triangulate.

- Create the UV and export the model as obj using Textures > ExportUV

- Import the model inside 3DMax and check the model with your original side by side.

Have both models same dimensions ?


UVmap mesh.jpg

Triangulate Off.jpg


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Hi! Thanks! You saved me a lot of headaches! So the FBX pipeline cannot be used as it's currently unreliable! I was not aware of that.

I followed your instruction step by step and found out that I was importing a Max FBX and 3D Coat seem to have triangulated it. 
Redone using the OBJ exporter instead, and now the object is not triangulated anymore in 3D Coat

And using your recommendations, also exporting in OBJ to max and WOW! The object, have everything back (with the new UV map)


I'm trying to make 3D models for a new game engine (Banshee Engine), and making a modular levels with props (as this is one of them), and had a big problem when reworking the model in 3D Coat. At first was thinking it was the engine that were importing improperly.

I will not use FBX with 3D Coat until it's fixed. Thanks!

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  • Carlosan changed the title to [Solved] Issue with exporting, scale and smoothing groups

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