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I want to buy, but it keeps crashing

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57 minutes ago, alexlivingstone said:

Its happening with all attempts.

Whether importing my mesh or starting from scratch in an empty scene with sculpting. Its happened while painting, sculpting and Retopo, 

Try going to your "MyDocs/3D Coat 4.8" directory and delete the OPTIONS.XML file and try to see if that helps. Sometimes that file can get corrupted and cause bug-like behavior. Another thing I would try is to go into your Anti-Virus and Firewall application, and add the 3D Coat.exe file to your EXCEPTION list. It's possible that one of those is red-flagging the app and keeping it from accessing image files and such.

I have a GTX 1080 with the latest driver and it's not occurring on my machine (WIndows and build 4.8.08). So, something on your machine is throwing a wrench into this situation. Might also help, by process of elimination, to make sure your Wacom Tablet driver is updated, as well. I had some issues with that, once.

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5 hours ago, Michaelgdrs said:

I agree with all previous posts.

3D Coat for what it gives to the end user DEFINITELY deserves the time you are spending to find and fix this issue.  

I can see what you mean! It seems rather broad and powerful and comparatively inexpensive. Definitely Digging deeper into it. Thanks

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